Portrait Honeycomb Shades

  • Over 300 honeycomb fabrics
  • All design needs with multiple cell sizes
  • Energy efficient advanced honeycomb
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Made for every window - including skylights, french doors, sidelights and patio doors
  • Opacity - Select the amount of light that goes through - in four opacities: translucent sheer, light filtering, semi-opaque, and room darkening. Pick two fabrics for a day & night shade
  • SMARTFITTM - Adjusts from the top and bottom - without cords in the middle. Sits closer to the window edge for less light leakage and a cleaner profile. Award winning design for modern and streamlined style. Also great for french doors and skylights
  • Day & Night Shades - Like two shades in one, this unique solution allows you to select a sheer fabric and a room darkening fabric for the ultimate in looks and flexibility in light control.
  • DecoflexTM - A custom frame. And an integrated cordless TBDU honeycomb shade. Decoflex blocks light from the sides and from behind. Great for french doors; DecoflexTM mounts directly onto the door, as if the shade was built into the door.
  • Motorization - Honeycomb automation made simple and affordable. Also comes in a day & night shade or top-down shade

Centerpiece Roman Shades

  • Capture the spirit of exceptionally tailored draperies more conveniently - and with a sleeker profile. Norman®’s award-winning roman shade delivers modern elegance with exclusive technology and Norman® craftmanship. Choose from hundreds of luxury fabrics - textured transparent, semi-transparent to opaque. Plus our signature reengineered hardware, double-duty construction, along with the most advanced lifting technology. CenterpieceTM Roman Shades are a modern take on a story steeped in old-world tradition.
  • Fold options - Soft Fold, Flat Fold, and Flat Fold with Batten Back
  • AeroliteTM Cordless System - Our patented AeroliteTM Cordless Lifting System enables easy raising and lowering of the shade - with ultra premium cordless control. When raising and lowering, the patented technology delivers a consistently smooth experience, quieter and more dependable.
  • Motorized - Refined roman shade automation that’s simple to use. Available for single shades or dual shades - on windows large or small. A convenient solution for adjusting a single shade, multiple shades at once, or hard to reach windows.
  • Dual Shade - Like two shades in one. Choose two fabrics, a sheer and a blackout, for extra versatility to match your lifestyle
  • Customize your look - Optional accent ribbons add contrast while helping you to personalize your shade.

Soluna Roller Shades

  • Award-winning technology. The latest fabrics from sheer, light filtering, room darkening, to solar screen. Designer patterns, natural materials and textures. Energy efficient and fire-retardant options. SolunaTM is geared for the brightest days and the most relaxing nights. Ready for your personalized touch.
  • Fabrics - Selected for style, versatility and solar performance, SolunaTM fabrics offer today’s most sophisticated colors, textures, patterns and opacities.
  • Cordless - Premium cordless adjustment, featuring Norman® re-engineered pull-and-life hardware for smoother and quieter control. Child and pet safe
  • Motorized - Refined roller shade automation that’s simple to use. Available for single shades or dual shades - on windows large or small. A convenient solution for adjusting multiple shades at once, or hard to reach windows.
  • Dual Shade - Like two shades in one; select a sheer and a room darkening fabric. Coordinating fabric rolls provide extra versatility - for light control and style however you want it
  • Light Guard - Blocks incoming light from the sides.


  • TA modern take on the roman shade for a mix of form and function, coupled with a dash of artistic sensibility and luxe appeal. BelleVueTM pairs sleek tailoring and on-trend fabrics with innovative dual-option life technology.
  • Roman Shades with a Twist - Featuring cascading effects like a roman shade when closed, combined with the versatility of a blind. The dual-action lift or roll-up technology offers new ways to experience privacy/light control, open views, and a gorgeous roman silhouette.
  • Contour your way to more control - BelleVueTM’s fabric contours your window depending on the degree to which its sections are rolled up - from completely rolled to partially rolled to completely unrolled. An innovative way to outsmart the seasons in a full range of light control.

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